scene_drawing is sort of deprecated. Use ShapeNode Here is an example to display chessboard grid You can tap a square to place a queen.

# coding: utf-8 import scene, ui class Block(scene.ShapeNode): def __init__(self, x, y, w, h, fill_color='black', parent=None): path = ui.Path.rect(0, 0, w, h) self.label = None self.root = parent super(Block, self).__init__(path=path, fill_color=fill_color, position=(x, y), parent=parent) def touch_began(self, touch): if not self.label: self.label = scene.LabelNode('♛', font=('Helvetica', 40), color='green', parent=self.root) self.add_child(self.label) class MyScene (scene.Scene): def setup(self): self.background_color = 'gray' colorlist = ['black', 'lightyellow'] m, n = 8, 8 w, h = 64, 64 start_x, start_y = self.size[0]/2-n/2*w, self.size[1]/2 - m/2*h self.grid = {} for i in range(m): for j in range(n): x, y = start_x+i*w, start_y+j*h self.grid[i,j] = Block(x, y, w, h, fill_color=colorlist[(i+j)%2], parent=self) def touch_began(self, touch): for i, j in self.grid: if (touch.location in (self.grid[i, j].frame)): self.grid[i,j].touch_began(touch) return, show_fps=True)